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Near Nordic the future generation of Web3.

We help startups grow in their journey towards success in the world of Blockchain and Web3. Benefit and become a part of the ecosystem in Near Nordic. 

In collaboration with Near Protocol

An active community for Near Protocol in the Nordics

Supporting the best Blockchain, Defi and Crypto related projects in the nordics.

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Our ecosystem secure growth for Investors and Startups working alongside Near Nordic. Apply to become an investor and see your return increase over time.

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Lower transaction fees on NEAR
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in funding to the NEAR Ecosystem

What you get from taking part in Near Nordic


A dedicated community in Web3 filled with enthusiasts to future mentors. Get early access to events, courses, crypto training and news.


Near Nordic provides real life value in form of different learning opportunities. You get 101 courses, access to pitch competitions, coaching and much more.

Ecosystem Growth

Grow with the Near Nordic Ecosystem. Apply for grants and funding, accellerate your startup towards success. When we expand you expand.

All roads leads to the North

Phase 1 - Q1 2022

Establish the community

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • Content production
Phase 2 - Q2 2022

Grow the Community

  • Roadmap 2.0
  • Launch Event 
  • PR / Influencer Engagement
  • Contests for Growth
  • Local partnerships with Web3 Communities, Organizations, Universities etc
Phase 3 - Q3 2022

Accelerate the community

  • Establish the Near Nordic Accelerator
  • Form strong ecosystem partnerships
  • Establish Crypto training / Course
  • Apply for Near Grants
  • Near Nordics Matchmaking Event
  • Support Web3 Startups from Near Nordic
  • Expansion of Near Nordic hubs to the rest of Scandinavia

Meet our Leadership Team

Taylor Ryan, CEO
& Growth Hacker

CEO of Klint Marketing, Taylor Ryan is a 6x startup founder with 14+ years of Digital Marketing & Growth Experience as well as being a Keynote speaker at over 100+ events.

Giovanni Buffa
Digital Ads Specialist

Our Digital Ads Specialist, Giovanni Buffa has been working with Ads & Analytics for several years and has helped scaling the ROI of multiple national and international companies.

Jannic Koch
Lead Designer

Digital Designer at Klint Marketing, Jannic Koch is also a Solopreneur with 4+ years of Design & Marketing Experience. He’s worked with more than 20+ Danish startups, solo artists & influencers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, simply join the community and ask us in the chat.

Near Nordic is part of the NearProtocol Ecosystem. It’s a Guild created to expand Near to the Nordics and create value to startups and companies ready to merge into the future of Web3.

Near Nordic is based in Copenhagen, DK.

Near Nordic provides different oppotunities to grow within our ecosystem.

  • As a startup ready to use the benefits of Web3, we aim to give acces to grants and funds for those who meets the requirements. We will accellerate your startup alongside with you.
  • For well established individuals in Blockchain and Web3 we offer a chance to become a mentor in order to grow the ecosystem and provide real life value.
  • If you’re looking to invest in Near Nordic we will have an application process to ensure we meet the best practice of ethical investment.

The Near Nordic Community offers a broad range of benefits. 

  • An active community in Blockchain and Web3
  • Real life education such as Courses and Crypto Training
  • Contest and Giveaways
  • Early Access to Events & News
  • Q&A’s / AMA’s

Near Nordic launched in early Q1 of 2022 but held a Public Web3 Accellerator Event at May 6, 2022 that took place in Copenhagen. All attendees got a free NFT with unique utilities as a token of appreciation of early commitment.

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