Deep dive into the Ecosystem of Near DAO & DApps

The Near Protocol Ecosystem provides everything we need to secure a safe onboarding and easy understanding of each DAO and DApp created. 

To sum it up we have the following:


  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • DApps (Decentralized Application)

The Infrastructure & DApps


DApps is a decentralized application. Typically these are created by Near Protocol, a DAO or by someone independent from outside the ecosystem. DApps must provide value for the Near Ecosystem as a whole or  create a bridge between multiple blockchains. A great example is Near Protocols own Rainbow Brigde.

Near Rainbow Bridge allows users to seamlessly migrate assets to Near’s developer-friendly and low-cost platform. This means multiple networks can interact without any hassle or high fees.

Ecosystem of DAO & Marketplaces


With DAO’s being decentralized and autonomous is leaves a huge potential for growth within the Ecosystem. Each DAO can be created inside the Ecosystem of Near Protocol in the form of a Guild. A Guild operates with focus on being benefitial for both Near Protocol and ifself. This means by building on the Near Blockchain we scale it up together.

The Future is here

With the possibilities of tomorrow already emerging into the now we’re safe to say that the future is here. With Near Nordic taking part in the ecosystem of Near Protocol we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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