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We discover, train, support, and launch the next generation of successful layer 3 DApps in the Nordics. Become an Investor and benefit from early mass adoption.

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GDP in the Nordics can lead to mass adoption to Near Protocol
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Unicorns in EIF are in Fintech, Health, Business or eCommerce
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Funding raised to date in the Nordics towards tech startups
Total jobs created of all startup employees combined

Why invest in Near Nordic?


We focus on helping startups through an engaging community


We scale metrics for all partners on traction, revenue and users


Investors expand their network and get access to pitch events


We have dedicated Demo Days that benefit all parties

Phase 1 - Q2 2022

Community & Program Planning

We aim to engage the community with how-to-workshops, Web3 Pitch Events, Meetups and Networking as well as initiate the planning of the Near Nordic Accelerator Program.

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  • How-to workshops
  • Web3 Pitch Events
  • Meetups and Networking
  • Growth Across All Channels
  • Events & Program
  • Relationship Building
  • Deal-Flow Processes
  • Program Planning
Phase 2 - Q3 2022

Program Advisors, Staff & Partners

For internal growth we’re looking to expand with everything from crypto and Web3 Advisory to Operations and C-Level. Our core will still be with focus on growing the Near Ecosystem.

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  • Crypto & Web3 Advisory 
  • Investment & Funding
  • Design, UI/UX
  • Sales & Other
  • Operations & C-Level
  • Marketing & Community
  • Academia & Partners
  • Near Ecosystem
Phase 3 - Q4 2022

Accelerator Program

For the Near Nordic Accelerator Program we’re going to Pre-Launch Program Operations and initiate running the Program. With a Demo Day we’ll keep expanding the Community. 

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  • Launch Program Operations
  • Run Program (Cohort #1)
  • Continued Community Building
  • Demo Day
  • Program Conclusion
  • International Press

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Executive Summary

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We trust in people

Hear what some attendees from our Launch Event have to say about the future of Web 3.0 

Marcell Heinrich
“I really believe that we live in the age of the digital revolution. And since I'm now reliving the age of the digital revolution, I would highly encourage every corporate company to join in on the possibilities of Web 3.0 and benefit from being an early-adopter.”
Filippo Tosca
“I'm working on a crypto project with my colleague Chris. We're trying to launch it inCopenhagen. It's a crypto gifting business. And, yeah, we wanted to check out what Near Nordic has to offer. And what the crypto community can provide of value, and I wasn’t disappointed.”

Meet our Leadership Team

Taylor Ryan, CEO
& Growth Hacker

CEO of Klint Marketing, Taylor Ryan is a 6x startup founder with 14+ years of Digital Marketing & Growth Experience as well as being a Keynote speaker at over 100+ events.

Giovanni Buffa
Digital Ads Specialist

Our Digital Ads Specialist, Giovanni Buffa has been working with Ads & Analytics for several years and has helped scaling the ROI of multiple national and international companies.

Jannic Koch
Lead Designer

Digital Designer at Klint Marketing, Jannic Koch is also a Solopreneur with 4+ years of Design & Marketing Experience. He’s worked with more than 20+ Danish startups, solo artists & influencers.

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