Near Nordic is joining the NFT space on Mintbase

Near Nordic is joining the NFT space and jumping on the wave for creating utility with long lasting Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs).
Near Protocol is providing the ecosystem for minting, selling, transfering and burning NFT’s with the use of A platform created inside Nears own blockchain. 

Near Nordic has created 250 NFTs as part of the launch event that took place the 6th of May in Copenhagen. The NFTs provide extra value for attendees at the event as a sign of appreciation for early commitment.

Breakdown of Collection

Collection: NN01
Amount: 250

Common (200)
Rare (30)
Ultra-rare (20)

What is the value of the Collection?

It doubles as your membership to an elite club of entrepreneurs & Web3 enthusiasts + grants you access to perks, such as private token presales, NFT releases and airdrops.

  • Exclusive access to Near Nordic’s Discord Server
  • Airdrops from Near Nordic
  • Pre-launch access for future tokens
  • Prizes and drawings at events
  • Access to free training in collaboration with Growth Secrets
  • Discounts and Free access to future events


NN01 - Common

Rarity: Common
Items total: 200 NFTs

Blue (50)
Lilac (50)
Red (50)
Aqua (50)

NN01 - Rare

Rarity: Rare
Items total: 30 NFTs

Desert (30)

NN01 - Ultra-rare

Rarity: Ultra-rare
Items total: 20 NFTs

Silver (20)

Near Nordic 1st Edition (NN01)

The NearNordic 1st Edition (NN01) consists of 250 NFTs that provides extraordinary access to our launch event in Copenhagen as well as providing future value for early adopters within Near Nordic and the Near Ecosystem.

Reserved for Air-drop:

Rare (5/30)
Ultra-rare (20/20) 
For more information please visit the store at
For questions reach out to [email protected] or contact us here

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