Near Nordic Launches Community & Accelerator Event

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). This week, Near Nordic announces the launch of Scandinavia’s first Web 3.0 Startup Accelerator. Working in conjunction with an international growth-hacking agency and VC Fund, Near Nordic races to build the future of Web 3.0 businesses exclusively using Near Protocol blockchain technology.

Near Nordic is a ground-breaking international initiative developed by a Marketing DAO council member of Near Protocol (NEAR) that aims to support Web 3.0, Crypto, Defi, and Blockchain startups in Scandinavia.

NEAR is a layer one decentralized blockchain created for developers to launch decentralized applications (Dapps). In late October 2021, Near announced $800 million in funding initiatives with the goal of accelerating its growth.


Near is considered a competitor to Ethereum or Bitcoin, which means this type of investment is unmatched in the crypto space.

“Aside from Near, no other base-layer blockchain project has set aside this level of capital to guarantee its own future by supporting businesses outside the organization. Providing resources and growing the community to help develop utility is the only way to generate mass adoption at scale,” says Taylor Ryan, Founder of Near Nordic.

Ryan’s involvement with Near started last year after speaking at a Near-sponsored crypto event. A short time later, Ryan joined Near’s Marketing DAO as an advisor and council member. Having launched six startups over the last 14 years, Ryan’s expansive background in growing fast-moving global projects is well-suited to lead this venture.

Near has been climbing the charts since its launch in September 2020 and currently sits at #19 among the most valued crypto projects globally. With a market cap currently over $11.2B, Near Protocol has become one of the most promising blockchain solutions on the market today.

Near Nordic Accelerator Launches

This week, with the successful launch of the Near Nordic Accelerator and Community, Ryan and his team are quickly raising capital to support the most talented web 3.0 startups in Scandinavia.

“The early adopters of the next iteration of technology are the same people running the biggest businesses of tomorrow,” Ryan explains.

“If you’re working in a large organization and you’re not looking into how to integrate blockchain solutions into your current business, a startup will be eating your lunch in the next five years. You can’t afford to ignore what’s coming. This isn’t about wearing VR headsets for virtual meetings. We’re talking about changing the entire way money is structured, tracked, and flows through consumers to modern business,” says Ryan.

The Future of the Near Nordic Accelerator Program

The Near Nordic Accelerator program starts with a screening and interview process. The top founders of the most promising Dapps are selected to participate in the intensive 12-week Near Nordic Accelerator program.

To ensure the fastest possible launch and generate measurable early traction, Near Nordic has teamed up with award-winning growth-hacking agency Klint and internationally recognized growth-hacking masterclass Growth Secrets.

“It’s all about supporting execution to give these web 3.0 startups the speed required and the focus on gaining traction,” asserts Ryan.

The accelerator program concludes with a pitch event to a network of international investors for pre-seed investment. Those selected for investment continue to receive active support and resources after the investment to ensure their success.

Near Nordic’s growing list of partners includes Web 3.0 venture fund Layer Three Ventures, along with universities, corporate innovators, and community partners within the Nordic region.

New partners will be announced leading up to the Near Nordic Accelerator and community launch event on Friday, May 6, 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Verified launch event attendees will be eligible to receive 1 of 200 newly minted ultra-rare original NFTs for free. These NFTs serve to provide practical utility to the web 3.0 space and are also required to be presented at the door to gain entry to the launch event.

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